It’s no secret that cleaning can be a chore, and even the most thorough housekeeper can miss things when it comes to housework — especially if you’re in a rush or cleaning for last-minute guests.

Whether you do it yourself or hire cleaning services, here are 10 places that are frequently missed while cleaning house.

Remote Controls

Lots of items in your home may have a remote – the TV, DVD player, XBox, Amazon Fire, ceiling fans, the list goes on. To clean, start by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush then gently wipe with rubbing alcohol.

Under The Rug

Sure, we love tucking dust and dirt under the rug, but do you actually clean under there? Rugs pick up everything from pet urine to toenails so you may want to consider hiring a carpet cleaner once a year.
Light switches and door knobs

Items you touch every day should be treated like any other high-traffic area of your home.

Keep germs at bay by cleaning light switches, door knobs and doors.

Your toothbrush holder

If there’s one spot that can be a breeding ground for germs, it’s the toothbrush holder.

When you’re cleaning the bathroom, rinse out and wipe down the toothbrush holders and soap dish.

Heat & AC Vents

Once every few months, you should clean your air vents. I typically like to do this the same time I’m vacuuming my baseboards – I’ve already got the soft attachment hooked up, so it’s a simple thing to add. Cleaning the vents that blow (and return) air to/from your furnace can help cut down on airborne dust particles in your home.

Got a floor vent that you can easily pull up? Turn it over and use the vacuum to clean the air flappers. You’d be surprised how much dusts collects there (much like the top of your fan blades).

Your Handbag

In 2006, researchers found our most-used purses are probably the reason we’re getting sick. Our bags were more likely to collect germs on the outside and on the bottom.

Trash Cans

Yes, the trash can is meant for trash, but it’s the excess germs on the sides you should be taking care of. For garbage cans you leave outside, washing them down once in a while with a hose is probably for the best — especially when insects can breed and these germs can spread into your home.

Favorite Pens

Most of us probably know a pen biter. Pens that are left on tables, inside purses and desks are often covered with germs.

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