However, there are some things which we shouldn’t try out, such as mixing two fruits or veggies or consuming them at the very same time. Not only does blending 2 kinds of fruits and veggies can be unhealthy, however it can also be fatal. Down listed below we have a list of foods that you must never ever blend:

Banana And Pudding

The banana-pudding combination is tough to absorb and will slow your mind. It will also promote contaminant production, which can be fatal for babies.

Carrots And Oranges

Carrot and orange juice is a popular combination, nevertheless it should be noted that it can lead to heartburn along with excess bile reflux. In many cases, it has even been reported to cause kidney damage as well as other problems that might be deadly.

Milk And Pineapple

Pineapple is abundant in bromelain which is why it should never be blended with milk. If combined, the combination can cause headaches, stomach pain, nausea, infections, diarrhea and other problems that make it highly harmful for children.

Lemon And Papaya

Consuming this mix may result in anemia as well as issues with your haemoglobin levels. Prevent consuming this mix and avoid offering it to your kids also.

Banana And Guava

Mixing and consuming guava and banana can trigger acidosis and gasses, leading to a sensation of queasiness and headaches.

Milk And Orange

If you are among those people who include orange juice to the cereal, stop right now. It makes your stomach not able to process the starch from the cereal and once it gets combined with milk, it is extremely tough to digest and will result in health problems.

Fruits And Vegetables

Never take in vegetables and fruits together.   They begin to ferment which launches toxins and triggers headaches, diarrhea, infections and stomach aches.

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