Girls This is The Best Bra For You, According To Your Boob Type!!!

Maybe you’re using the same type of bra you swore by when you first started developing. Or maybe you grabbed a type that your friend swears by. But unfortunately, the same bra won’t work for every woman (or even one woman throughout the course of her life). That’s because the shape and size of your breasts matters when it comes to finding the one that fits you perfectly.

Whether you have small boobs, big boobs, fake boobs, or sagging or uneven boobs, there’s a bra out there just waiting to make you more comfortable. Your bra can give you the lift you need, keep your boobs under control, and make you feel positively sexy.

One thing you should do if you haven’t done so in a while (or ever): get properly fitted by a sizing expert. That’s even more important if you happen to be a size 34B or 36C, two sizes that women often think they are but aren’t really.

So give your boobs a once-over and decide which category you fit into, below. Then, find out which bra Christina Faraj, a bra fit expert in Beacon, New York says is best based on the challenges and perks (ha!) of each type—as well as which bra needs to be on your shopping list.

The great thing about looking for lingerie today is that “there’s such a variety of styles available in all sizes now,” Faraj says, adding that your choice largely depends on the look you’re going for. All of these on our list—no matter what your breast type—are cute, sexy, and stylish. They’ll look good under a T-shirt, a sweater, or when you’re shirt comes off (if you know what we mean).


If you’re an A or B cup, you can grab one of those cute bralettes. “There are so many varieties that you can choose from,” says Faraj. For instance, go for one with or without an underwire, or in feel-good materials like microfiber stretch to lace, and in styles like criss-cross or halter. Try the oh-so-cute Victoria’s Secret Long Line Racerback Bralette.


If you have large boobs, you may have resigned yourself to a life of ugly bras. Not so. You’ll find both in the gorgeous lace Fit Fully Yours Nicole, an underwire bra that’s available in sizes all the way up to J. The seams on this bra provide extra support, giving you the ultimate in lift, says Faraj.


It’s a gentler way of saying sagging, but no shame here. If you’ve had a baby or breastfed one, your boobs might look a wee bit different now. The Wacoal La Femme T-Shirt Bra can give ‘em life again. Faraj loves this one because it has a firm fit on the side that lifts you up.


If yours are augmented, you’re in luck: you don’t need as much lift, as your boobs are already perky. Faraj recommends a bra with a little softer support, like the Natori Feathers. Even though it’s a plunge bra, you can count on everything staying in place. The lace trim makes things pretty, too.


It’s so common to have one boob be bigger than the other. You’ll want to go for a bra with molded cups to help you keep an even shape on both sides, like the Josie Mya. Faraj suggests fitting the bra in the bigger cup size, and using strap adjustments on the other side as necessary. If your boobs are very different, use a “chicken cutlet” insert in the smaller side.

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