“Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.” – Hugh Mackay.

Maintaining a healthy relationship nowadays is not so easy. There are many reasons why a relationship doesn’t work out, but today we will talk about one in particular.

This may bother people and might not like the way it sounds, but sooner or later we got to accept the facts.

The family is the most important thing in our lives, there are no questions about that. We have to take care of our families no matter what. However, when the time comes to start your own family, it is time to leave the nest and focuses on your partner.

Many people make a mistake thinking that their partner will stay at the second place and you still pace more focus on your relatives.

This is a common problem when relationships move to the next level and now you need to create your own family.

The point is that after some time as the relations with the partner became more mature, you need to start to put him/her in a first place.

I have seen many marriages destroyed, not understanding what the word “family” means is like wanting to place the couple in the category of “relative” and that is where the problems begin and bad relationship in marriage.

You have a family to be very happy, share the projects to grow together, so that your children have a role model and know that a home is built from their own decisions.

Now that you’re together your partner’s opinion should be after yours. Take care of your partner before it becomes an ex. However, you won’t have ex-father or ex-sister, but when it comes to your partner is up to you.

From today, you need to prioritize your partner before your family and you will have more possibilities that your relationship is lasting and happy.

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