This additive that is put in almost all kinds of food is very similar to salt and sugar. It’s called monosodium glutamate E621. Restaurants know it quite well, because they add it to intensify the taste of food.

It’s a white crystal powder that resembles salt and sugar. Its watery solution tastes like meat soup. It can be added in any type of food. This additive increases the appetite, overeating and excess of weight.

It’s mostly used to stimulate the brain cells. It has a drug effect and enters the brain and bloodstream easily. That leads to change in the genes responsible for feeling taste.

Sodium glutamate is a part of every sausage, salami, hot-dog, crisps, soup, can, beer etc. The harmless dosage for adults is 1,5 grams a day and children can have not more than half a gram.

About 200.000 tons of this additive are used every year. The symptoms of E521 overdose, otherwise called “the syndrome of Chinese restaurant” can be: sleepiness, migraine, vision problems, hormonal imbalance, sickness, weakness, dizziness, pain in the chest etc.

It was discovered in 1907 in Japan by Ikeda Kikunae. He found that this additive intensifies the taste of food performing various experiments.

It intensifies the natural taste of the products, but it also improves the taste and aroma of preservation, fast food and frozen products.

It’s extremely popular in America and thanks to this additive, people there buy more food. Some of the experiments used added monosodium glutamate in the food mice ate. After that, the mice lost their eyesight.

One of the negative consequences from using monosodium glutamate is that it affects the taste buds on the human tongue, which in time, worsens the perception of food.

Monosodium glutamate makes the food very tasty, so that’s why we can’t stop eating all kinds of harmful food, like crisps, chocolates, soups etc.

It can cause addiction and make a person prefer products that contain it and that’s very good for manufacturers, because their sales increase.


Food manufacturers have lots of benefits from the usage of E621, because this additive helps them to decrease production expenses and put a certain mask over the non-quality goods e.g. productions, which should otherwise be removed.

Be careful while you’re choosing ingredients! Always read their labels and information on the product packaging.

Use natural spices when you cook!

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