The Birth Month Says A Lot About You!! Which Month Is Your Month?!!

The zodiac sign can definitely say a lot about someone`s personality and characteristic. Your birth date is very important but also the month you are born in.

The month shows the thoughts, the feelings about life, overall behavior and how other people see you. Astrology claims that when the stars and the alignment are paced in a certain position they can reveal many things.

So, this article is going to present you several things about each month! Find your own and read!


These people are strong- willed, stubborn and don’t like to listen to anybody who wants to tell them what to do. They have high level of endurance and also urge to succeed, which makes them good leaders. They can teach different people. They state their opinions loud and have a strong work ethic, as well.


These people love discussions and don’t like people that appear to be shallow. They are very creative and love new and different projects. They love to travel so they can quickly jump on a plane or train and visit different places whenever they get a chance. They are adventures and love to explore. They are also loyal friends, honest people and great partners.


People born in March are highly creative and imaginative, but they are also introvert and quiet. They love being alone where they can creatively express themselves. They are kind and gentle, but very private. They don’t like noisy and crowded places and prefer to stay in their own world.


These people don’t receive orders. They would like to be leaders. They love the attention, especially in public. They love adventures and live for the adrenaline rush. They can be loud and offensive and they can say what they feel about someone with no problem. Their motto is act first think later, living day by day.


Their opinion changes a lot. Something they wanted yesterday may not be the same they want today. They have a very active social life and don’t like being alone. They can talk to people about everything, including their feelings. They get bored very easily and they always look for different entertainment.


People born in June are shy and soft- spoken. Other people love them about this. They care for other people`s feelings and are very sensitive. They are creative and look far into the future so that they can realize their ideas. It is hard for them to express their own feelings and sometimes it looks as if they are living inside of their own world.


People born in July are spontaneous and extroverted. They look like they are confident, cheerful but they actually have dark secrets and can really hide their pain. They like adventures and have lots of energy. People love the ones that are born in July precisely because of that.


They love careers where they can analyze and have critical thinking. The life through their eyes is logical and in a step-by-step way. They are very private hiding their emotions and feelings. They are naturally born leaders and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. They appear to be bossy but they actually have a big heart. Their methodical way of life may trap them sometimes if they are not careful.


These people get disappointed easily in other people because they expect too much of them. They hold on to their ideas, expecting everyone else to be perfect like them. They are sensual, creative, and humble and they love to help others. They can also appear to be stubborn but that is only the perfectionist inside them showing up.


These people don’t like confrontation and they avoid it if possible. They have friends all over, because they love their social life. They want to balance everything and look everything with a positive point of view. They love being around people, as well as being talkative and charming.


They tend to hide their true feelings from others and keep them a secret. They don’t think of the consequences and jump in any kind of situation. They are very stubborn and emotional and don’t stop until they get what they want. They also hate when someone tells them what to do.


They can`t sit in one place for a long time. They are adventurers and love to travel. Their pride can sometimes get in their way. With some people, they even have a short fuse and explode. They are humble and courageous, love to entertain people and are feisty, too.

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