Mood swings and stress are common for women on their period.  In fact, they are also said to be very emotional those days. Given the fact that they struggle with hormonal issues and cramps, this doesn’t come as surprise.

New information and new studies on women and their menstrual cycle are emerging all the time, showing that there is much more to learn about our bodies. The latest news on this topic outline a couple of things that you should never do whine you are on your period and they are presented below.

Many interesting facts have been revealed with the recent studies on menstrual cycle. First and foremost, having mood swings, being stressed out, and not being in the mood for love is normal for women while they are actually bleeding. The explanation behind this is that progesterone, the hormone which regulates important functions, is at its lowest level during bleeding. Moreover, while on period, women find it difficult to concentrate and focus on examinations and tests.

Menstruation is the worst time of the month for women, as it makes them tired, emotional, and even unable to get out of the bed. Given the pain and cramps which accompany this natural process, here is list of things you shouldn’t do while on your period.

Check out the video below for more in-depth information on the menstrual cycle and hormonal changes which occur during this period.

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