Surely you have heard of the Chinese purification techniques, these are very old and very effective for purifying our entire body. Among these are techniques for identifying the body through the feet.

The cleansing technique of the feet is very effective and many people use it. In Chinese cultures it is said that the area with the most energy of the body are the feet.

That’s why feet are ideal for detoxifying and purifying our body through them. That is why today we have prepared this article in order to help you have a better functioning of your body.

Having bad habits, the contamination in which we are exposed daily, the foods we consume, the stress of every day among many other things only provoking many ailments that affect our organism. Next, I’ll show you 3 foot baths that will help you detoxify your body completely.


Today we concentrate on foot baths to detoxify our body and we will give you a recipe that you can prepare from your house, thanks to the fact that these are very easy to make and their ingredients are very economical and it is probable that you have some of them them in your pantry.

Foot bath number 1: For the elaboration of this bath we will need the following ingredients :

-Half a cup of Epsom salts.
-Half a cup of sea salt.
-Half a cup of baking soda.
-Some essential oil of the one of your preference.

Method of preparation : In a container with hot water you have to place all the ingredients and let it dissolve completely. Then you should add a little more warm water and apple cider vinegar. Then place the essential oil of your choice and stir well until it is dissolved.

Method of use : You have to introduce your feet at this time around 30 minutes. Do not worry if after the bath you feel exhaustion or weakness, but to alleviate this problem you have to increase the levels of magnesium in your body to facilitate detoxification.

Foot baths number 2: the elaboration of this bathroom is super simple, We are only going to need the following ingredients :

-Half a cup of bentonite clay.
-Half a cup of epsom salts.
-Essential oil of your choice.

Method of elaboration : You only have to put the salts of Enzo in water until it dissolves and then you introduce the essential oil of your preference. Then mix the clay with a little water with a small amount of water, mix well in a bowl or on a porcelain or glass base do not use any metal. Now we are going to put the clay in the container with all the ingredients we will introduce our feet.

We should let our feet in for about 25 minutes to make our body detoxify. this treatment will increase the levels of magnesium in our body. This treatment I recommend you This is the one I use and I am fascinated by the benefits, After using it I feel refreshed and very relaxed.

Foot bath number 3: For the elaboration of this treatment we will need the following ingredients :

-Half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, if it is for a tub or body tub placed cups.
-A spoonful of dried ginger powder.

Method of elaboration: The elaboration of this treatment is anything but difficult to do. we just have to fill our hot tub with water including ginger and hydrogen peroxide.

We must soak the body in this mixture for about 30 minutes. This treatment soothe your body and will help you to eliminate all poisons and toxins accumulated in your body. Let’s hope you get down to work and regenerate your body.

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