Certainly the back pains, pain in the spine and pain in the legs are sufferings that we have all had to suffer some time of our life. To which we try to immediately seek solution no matter what it costs us.

It becomes very difficult to reason clearly in the moment that the pain is manifested we only want to apply something or massage in a way that is effective. But that happens because of the bad posture we take at the moment of sitting, for example, we are on the couch watching television and we do not notice the way we get, hence the back pain.

Certainly today we bring you an absolutely new home remedy that you must consume for 2 months and that will work wonders not only with your back pain but also that it also acts on legs and spine.


-1 dried fig

-5 dried plums

-1 dry apricot (apricot)


Consume these fruits throughout your day in the way that works best for you. You can add them to your cereals, milk, yogurt or even in shakes to which you can add oats or nuts.

These fruits contain large amounts of fiber that promote digestion and intestinal transit. They also make important contributions to your heart health. The high contents of calcium, iron and potassium strengthen our bones in our legs and back. Dried apricots along with prunes are excellent antioxidants with high concentrations of iron that strengthen your immune system.

Do not stop regularly consuming these fruits full of vitamins and minerals that represent an important source of properties for your bones and your digestive system.

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