Try This Simple Trick to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Face & Skin

The appearance of several dark spots is not very serious it just means that you are getting older.
But there are some people that want to avoid these age spots that are found on the legs, arms, shoulders, hands and the face.

If you are one of those people, we have good news for you. There is a natural remedy that can solve the problem with these brown spots. But you need to know the exact reason for their appearance.

The number of brown spots increases as a result of too much sunlight and UV rays exposure. The melanin spreads faster in your skin when you are exposed to sunlight. The process of tanning can actually have negative effects like the appearance of numerous brown spots on the skin. It is an ‘overactive melanin’.

But, they can also have negative effect on your health, as well. It does not mean that it will result with cancer, but to hinder any further problems you need to check them with self-examinations.

Here are the possible changes:

-The spots may be tender and red.

-Appearance of ‘borderline’ around them.

-They may change color, and check the ones that are darken than the others.

-They may change their appearance and growth.

In case you are concerned about the brown spots, you should visit your dermatologist and do the test ‘ABCDE’s of Melanoma’.

The Natural Remedy

There is one, very simple juice that is beneficial in treating these spots. It is consisted of two ingredients. Watch the video to get additional information.

The first ingredient is onion – due to its high content of antioxidants which are powerful in blocking the free radical, and thus it is commonly used in scar treatments.

The second ingredient is apple cider vinegar – which is very powerful in removing the dead skin layer and exfoliating the skin, due to its content rich in alpha hydroxyl.

These two ingredients combined together can give amazing results.

The Onion juice and Apple cider vinegar natural remedy

Prepare the solution of these two ingredients and apply it on the brown spots, using a cotton pad. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis for 2-4 weeks.

The result will be there after the first week, but continue the treatment until all the brown spots are gone.

Avoid spending time in the sun and always apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Do not use tanning beds and visit the dermatologist on a regular basis.

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