About 10% of all women in reproductive age suffer from endometriosis, a mysterious disease about which little is known and which is not yet fully explored.

The disease is often confused with menstrual pain. In most cases it is a benign – a chronic disease of the endometrium outside the uterine cavity which causes the appearance of severe pain in the stomach and back over the cycle. The pain can be so severe that the woman may faint.

The most common symptoms are:


problems with the bowels

long and heavy menstrual periods

increased menstrual pain

stomach pain

The disease cannot exist without these symptoms, and it can lead to sterility.

Following are four steps that will help you in detecting this insidious disease:

Pay attention to menstrual cramps. Are they unusually strong and expressed throughout the day? If you have pain in your lower back, abdomen and pelvis outside the menstrual period, then you should not ignore this.

Do you have a lot of pain during sexual intercourse? It is not normal and it is a serious sign of endometriosis.

Do you regularly have irregular bleeding or very heavy bleeding during menstruation? It is also a serious symptom.

Share this with women who might have this disease to help them to notice the early symptoms of endometriosis.

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