We Are Committed To This Mistakes When We Make The Bed

7 mistakes that everyone makes when laying the bed …

Making the bed the right way is not exactly a quantum physics, but the truth is that many people (especially teenagers) avoid doing it at all costs because they get up late and are in a hurry, or simply because they do not consider it something to do daily. Instead, if you are one of those people who try to do it the right way but they do not succeed, you may be making some basic mistakes that stop you. In that case, these simple tricks will help you create a cozy bed that will allow you to reconcile a dream of better quality.

1. Do not use quilt rubbers

If your sheets, comforters or bedspreads have corners or strips to look better to the mattress, why not use them? This is highly recommended because they will make your bed much more stretched, avoiding that in the middle of the night wrinkles and remain uncovered or with your feet in the air, especially if you are one of those who move a lot during sleep. In the event that your comforter does not have these fasteners, you can sew them on the corners or opt for one that has them the next time you need to buy one.

2. Do not fold sheets well

You’ve probably noticed how well the sheets always stay in hospitals and hotels. Why is it that you never get the same result? What is the technique? The sheet should be placed, firstly, on the mattress, letting the edges fall to the floor, with the same distance in both. Next, insert the excess length of the sheet under the mattress, dropping the corners; The folded edge should form an angle of approximately 45 ° over the bed surface. To finish, you must put the corner along with what has been hanging, thus everything will be well stretched.

3. Place the pattern up

There are many people who, instead of choosing plain sheets, prefer them with very colorful patterns and colors. However, when placing the pattern up, when folding it, the fold will look over the duvet and will not look very good. What you must do to get the best result is to lay the same with the set down, so it will be upwards when you go around. Trust our advice and you will have a great bed.

4. Do not make the bed every day

In this section there are many people with different opinions, since some think that it should not be done and others that do. What do you think? Although we will talk later about why NOT to be done daily, here we explain the opposite reason. If you want your bed to look radiant and tidy, it is best not to leave it undone, as the sheets will wrinkle too much, and at the time of making it look terrible, although that depends on you.

5. Make the bed every day

As with dust mites in hot and humid environments, the bed is the perfect environment for them to live in. Although harmless, their feces may trigger several allergic reactions. When leaving your bed undone a few hours before doing it, you will avoid accumulating a large amount of mites. If, on the contrary, you do it just as you wake up, you will catch them between the duvet and the sheets, along with the humidity, which will cause them to proliferate more quickly, and will not be so good for you.

6. Do not iron the sheets

This may seem boring, ridiculous and, above all, a waste of time, but according to experts in home decorating, ironing the sheets from time to time produces a big change as to the way the bed shines once tended, being that one of the best ways to have it perfect in case you are a demanding of the order and the cleaning. However, if this aspect is not important for you, you should not take it very seriously. Have you ever done it?

7. Give it a finishing touch

Once everything is clear, you have to add some finishing touches. Grasp the top edge of the sheet, in the area of ​​the head, and carefully fold it back over the duvet. Then take the pillows and give them a few good taps before placing them on the bed. They should fit nicely between the folded comforter and the headboard. Finally, add some cushions or decorations that fit the design of the room; Then, and only then, you will have obtained a perfect bed that impresses to any visitor that arrives at your house.

We advise that you always consult your doctor and that you perform medical checks if your health needs it. We only give you an informative point of reference.

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