We Are Killing Our Own Kidneys! 10 Habits You Must Change. You Can Not Imagine The Kidney Damage You Are Doing To Your Body

The kidneys are vital organs in our body. They are a wonderful and sophisticated purification machinery, which every day, filter a large amount of liters of blood, separating about 2 liters of waste and excess water. We must then take care of them, keep them healthy.

10 habits of kidney damage

1.Alcohol and tobacco

It has long been shown that smoking and alcohol consumption adversely affect health. Bad habits worsen kidney function, as it can not cope with the large volume of toxic substances passing through the body.

It is only in the movies that it is refined to drink alcohol, submerged among tobacco smoke, but in real life, it is a slow death in full life. Think about it when opening the next box of cigarettes or a bottle of beer.

2.Lack of vitamin B6

For a healthy kidney, you should consume vitamin B6 daily found in birds, fish, potatoes and many fruits, except citrus.

3.Drinking little water

Keep in mind that not properly hydrating our kidneys can cause a kidney problem in the long term. Its main function is precisely to drain metabolic wastes from the body, thus balancing the number of erythrocytes in the body. If we do not, if we do not drink enough water, the renal flow goes down and the toxins accumulate in the blood.

We can avoid it by simply drinking, between a liter and a half and two liters of water. If it costs you, if you see that you are unable to meet this recommended amount, add a splash of lemon to the water. It will be nicer to you.

4.The use of medicines

As far as possible we must control the consumption of drugs, since they are elements that seriously damage the kidneys. They impair their function and cause long-term negative effects. It is a complicated issue, because it is clear that when we take a medication is not for pleasure, but of necessity, but there are always those that are less aggressive for the kidneys, that is why our doctor must control it.

5.The excess of proteins

Protein is not able to accumulate in the body, such as fats. Therefore, proteins consumed in excess and their products of decomposition also increase the load on the kidneys. And if they can not cope with their extraction and cleaning function, stones can form.

6.Not enough sleep

During the night is when the renal tissue regenerates. If you are always sleepy, this process is not performed completely, which leads to a malfunction of the kidneys.

7.A sedentary life

The sedentarism is affecting little by little not only the health of our kidneys, but many other basic functions that, unknowingly, can make us sick. But the lack of physical activity causes many kidney problems that can easily be avoided by moving a little more, going for walks, cycling for example. Think about it. If you also practice sport with a friend or relative, it will be much easier for you. And your kidneys will thank you, and remember … do not forget to take a little bottle of water.

8.Consume lots of caffeine

When you consume large amounts of caffeine, you harm your whole body and most particularly the kidneys. Caffeine contains many diuretic properties, dehydrates the body and causes the kidneys to overwork.

9.Retain urine

Staying for a long time the urge to urinate can lead to kidney failure and incontinence.

10.High blood pressure

Hypertension causes very clear damage to the functionality of the kidneys. The blood flows through them in different ways, the filtering of toxins does not occur in the same way and, little by little, they are atrophied until in the end, a serious kidney problem can be caused. It is not difficult for us to regularly check blood pressure to have it controlled.

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We Are Killing Our Own Kidneys! 10 Habits You Must Change. You Can Not Imagine The Kidney Damage You Are Doing To Your Body We Are Killing Our Own Kidneys! 10 Habits You Must Change. You Can Not Imagine The Kidney Damage You Are Doing To Your Body Reviewed by World Health Info on October 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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