For starters, this is not a scientific test and only gives you a visual as to what is going in your body. We’ve posted in the past about the effects of vaping on your lungs. Now it’s time to show you lovely people the effect of smoking cannabis.
Nothing was mixed with the cannabis such as tobacco. “RAW” rolling paper was used and each cigarette had approximately .5 to .6 grams of cannabis.
The amount of smoke shown in the video comes out of 90 joints. With the idea of smoking 3 joints a day. That’s the average amount of joints a cannabis smoker smokes each day.
We are absolutely no pro advocates of smoking. We are just here to inform. That’s why this has to be said; “If anyone tries to get you to vape, smoke or try a joint, just say no thank you and walk away. There is only one thing that was meant to go in your lungs and that’s air.
In the following video you’ll find the results:

Source: youtube