10 Hidden Purposes Of Everyday Items You Didn’t Know About 2019

We use certain objects every day without even thinking about them. We don’t even pay attention to them anymore, but they sometimes have hidden purposes that can be very useful. Here is a list of 10 common items that can be even more useful in a way that is not that obvious at first glance.


You don’t even look at the car headrest that much to think about what else it can be used. However, in case of an emergency if you get trapped in your car underwater, you can use the metal headrest to break the window and get out of the car.


If you take a closer look, you can see there are lots of holes on your earphones, like the Apple earphone on the picture. The purpose of this hole is to let air pass through to allow frequent transmission which provides better sound quality.

Tiny hole

This is another useful hole in technology which can be found between the camera and the flashlight. Its purpose is to record ambient noise in the background when taking a picture since it is far from your mouth during that time. It will reduce the ambient noise from the main microphone and we can hear the voice from the other side more clearly.

Small pockets

This pocket is not that helpful for your phone, but you can use it to store your money and some small objects that you don’t want to misplace.

Gap between the pen cap

If you thought that this gap was to make sure air is passing through, you were wrong. it is actually here for child safety, so if a child swallows it, it will not let it suffocate as air can pass through the gap.

The bumps on the F and J keyboard keys

Most keyboards have small bumps on the F and J keys in order to improve typing speed and accuracy without looking at the keyboard.

Loop in the shirt

This is actually not a fashion addition, but it is a useful loop that you can use it to hang clothes when necessary.

Two holes in the shoes

Converse shoes have two holes for two reasons. One is for passing air to help the foot breathe when you are not wearing socks, and the other one is to make the shoes tighter around the feet.


This part of the chopsticks indicates that they were not used yet and should not be disposed of.

Laptop charging cord

Charging cords have important roles in the act of charging a laptop. In your laptop there are small parts that run because of radio frequencies. The charging cord works as an antenna and picks up signals that might create an interference.

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